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How it works

At the bottom of the page is an admin icon (key shaped)

Feel free to click on it.

Once you enter your username and password you will be welcomed by the screen shown on the left. 


  • Add Pages
  • Check Email
  • Edit Pages and Images
  • Upload files
  • Configure your website

By clicking on Contents you will be taken to the most important page of your admin area.

Here you can add, alter, hide, delete and reorder pages.

The green + icon lets you add new pages!
The red x icon lets you delete pages!
And the icon with a pen lets you edit, as simple as that!

A colour coding system shows you which pages are active, you may wish to release and hide special offers as and when you feel the demand.



You can add edit your information instantly.


Here is where MyWebExpress is different from most website design companies:

  • You can alter your text when ever you like
  • No extra for charge for editing
  • Unlimited editing
  • Instant Editing

Using the online tools you can edit your pages from any PC in the world!

It's your company, it's your website, you're in charge!

Professional image effects can be managed on line .

You may have noticed that on the home page the banner at the top faded from one image to another. This is not a fancy effect created with additional software, this is a simple to create effect and is also included with the MyWebExpress package!

From the admin section click on Headers and add as many photographs as you like, the software fades them in and out for you!

What are you waiting for email  today to discus this incredible e-commerce solution today!



Click here to view some video demonstrations.